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–> SQL Server 2019 RTM

Top new Features:

–> Database Engine:

1. Build and rebuild CCI online (Clustered ColumnStore Indexes)

2. Resumable online index create operation to pause and resume later from where the operation was paused or failed, instead of restarting from the beginning.

3. Row mode memory grant feedback

4. Approximate COUNT DISTINCT (for big data scenarios)

5. Batch mode on RowStore without ColumnStore index

6. Table variable deferred compilation (for better cardinality estimates)

7. New DMV sys.dm_db_page_info system function returns page information

8. Database scoped default setting for online and resumable DDL operations (ELEVATE_ONLINE or ELEVATE_RESUMABLE)

9. New Polybase connectors or SQL Server, Oracle, Teradata, and MongoDB

10. Support for MERGE DML and Edge Constraints in SQL Graph

11. Improved diagnostic data for stats blocking (sys.dm_exec_requests, sys.dm_os_wait_stats)

12. Always On Availability Groups – upto 5 synchronous replicas (3 till now)

13. Expanded support for persistent memory devices (by bypassing the storage stack of the operating system using efficient memcpy operations)

14. SQL Data Discovery and Classification [more info]

16. Static Data Masking

17. Improved Truncation error message by including Table, Column names and truncated value [String or binary data would be truncated in table ‘%.*ls’, column ‘%.*ls’. Truncated value: ‘%.*ls’.]

18. Improved diagnostic data for long-running queries

19. Scalar UDF inlining

20. Hybrid Buffer Pool [more info]

–> Big Data:

1. Deploy Big Data clusters with SQL Server & Spark running on Kubernetes [more info]

2. Run Advanced analytics and machine learning with Spark

3. Deploy Python and R apps

New Functions:

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