Microsoft Azure

–> Microsoft Azure Cloud:

1. What is Cloud Computing

2. Introduction to Azure

3. Create your Microsoft Azure Account and Subscription

–> SQL Server and Database:

4. Spin a new Windows VM with SQL Server (IaaS)

5. Best practices for SQL Server in Azure VM (IaaS) to get MAX performance

6. Types of options while creating a SQL Database (PaaS) on Azure

7. Create a new Azure SQL Database (PaaS) step by step

8. Connect Azure SQL Database from SSMS remotely

9. Azure SQL database Managed Instance compatible with on-prem SQL Server

10. Create a Azure Storage and Container

11. Take SQL Server database Backup to URL i.e. Azure Blob Storage

12. Restore SQL Server database from Azure Blob Storage

13. Move on-premise SQL Server instance directly to Azure PaaS SQL Database Managed Instance

–> SQL Server on Linux:

14. Spinning up a new Linux VM on Microsoft Azure

15. Install and Configure SQL Server 2017 on Linux Azure VM

16. Connect SQL Server on Linux with SSMS from a Windows machine

–> Azure Data Factory:

17. Introduction to Azure Data Factory (ADF)

18. What’s new in ADF Version 2?

–> Big Data on Azure:

19. Create a HDInsight Cluster on Azure

20. Introduction to Azure Data Lake (ADL)

21. Create an Azure Data Lake Store (ADLS)

22. Using Azure Data Lake Analytics (ADLA) with U-SQL on ADLS

–> Big Data Architectures and Solutions:

23. Lambda Architecture with Azure Cosmos DB

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