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C++ Program to implement Constructor Overloading – Q13

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Q13. Program to implement Constructor Overloading:

Implement the concept of Constructor Overloading with the help of not less than three different constructors within any class of your choice.

… from College notes (BCA/MCA assignments):

#include <iostream.h>
#include <conio.h>
#include <string.h>

class Cperson{
		char name[20];
			cout<<"\n Constructor Called."<<endl;
			strcpy(name, "Manoj");
		Cperson(char *str){
			strcpy(name, str);
		Cperson(Cperson &per){
		void Show_Name(){

void main(){

	Cperson Op1;
	Cperson Op2("Pandey");
	Cperson Op3(Op2);

	cout<<"\n Op1: ";

	cout<<"\n Op2: ";

	cout<<"\n Op3: ";




Constructor Called.

Op1: Manoj
Op2: Pandey
Op3: Pandey


Build pages without coding with Maker

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Recently I came across this cool tool which I’m using to create a web application for my company. Thanks to my boss/manager for introducing this tool and getting the full version.
With no or very less experience in I’ve completed the first iteration out of 5 (and many more to come) in the project. I just had previous knowledge of┬ábasic HTML, Javascript & C#/Java/C++ OOP fundamentals. My profile is of a Database Programmer and Technical Consultant with expertise in CRM technology in Finance & Print/Publishing domain.

The members in our team are more inclined towards backend technology with no or limited exposure to the web tech. So initially we thought to staff some extra resources from other teams who could help us creating front end and middle tier for us. With the introduction of this tool our problem was solved as we could create the pages with our own ideas and with much more flexibility and agility.

ASPM (short for Maker) allows us to connect to any database and create pages dynamically as per our DB. It also facilitates us to create add/edit/delete/search pages with lot of more features. You just have to select any language either C# or, it creates the same code for you.

The more you use the tool the more you get to know about the features.

Some of the key features of this tool are:

– Advanced Security with MD5 and case-sensitive password
– User registration system with CAPTCHA option
– Export to CSV/HTML/Excel/Word/XML
– File uploading to database or folder
– Master/Detail
– Custom View
– Report
– Customizable template
– Database re-synchronization
– AJAX functionality
– Email Notification on Add/Edit/Delete

… and many more.

The only prerequisite to use this tool is knowledge of any database programming language so that one can design the database schema, tables, views, triggers, etc. I’m using MS SQL Server 2005 & using C# as a language option to create pages.

With the help of this tool not only I’m creating a application to facilitate users but also I’m learning & C# and how to create web apps in technology.

May be its a beginning for the paradigm shift.

More info on:

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