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SQL Basics – IDENTITY property of a Column (in a table)

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With IDENTITY property you can:

1. Creates an identity column in a table.

2. Used for generating key values, based on the current seed & increment.

3. Each new value for a particular transaction is different from other concurrent transactions on the table.

–> You can check the demo about IDENTITY property here:


–> IDENTITY property on a column does not guarantee:

1. Uniqueness of the value,

2. Consecutive values within a transaction,

3. Consecutive values after server restart or other failures,

4. Reuse of values,

–> SQL Script used in Demo:

-- IDENTITY property of a Column

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Employee](
	[EmployeeID]	int				NOT NULL IDENTITY (100, 1),
	[EmployeeName]	nvarchar(100)	NOT NULL,
	[Gender]		nchar(1)		NULL,
	[DOB]			datetime		NULL,
	[DOJ]			datetime		NULL,
	[DeptID]		int				NULL

INSERT INTO [dbo].[Employee] (EmployeeName, Gender, DOB, DOJ, DeptID)
VALUES ('MANOJ PANDEY', 'M', '1990-01-01', '2010-01-01', 101)

INSERT INTO [dbo].[Employee] (EmployeeName, Gender, DOB, DOJ, DeptID)
VALUES ('JHON K', 'M', NULL, '2010-01-01', NULL)

INSERT INTO [dbo].[Employee] ([EmployeeName])
VALUES ('Brock H')

SELECT * FROM [dbo].[Employee]

-- Inserting Explicit value in IDENTITY column:


INSERT INTO [dbo].[Employee] ([EmployeeID],[EmployeeName])
VALUES (1000, 'Brock H')


SELECT * FROM [dbo].[Employee]

INSERT INTO [dbo].[Employee] ([EmployeeName])
VALUES ('Jhon B')

SELECT * FROM [dbo].[Employee]


–> Check more articles on IDENTITY property:

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