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SQL Server vNext (2012) coming up with lot a new features | Hekaton, Polybase, PDW, and many more

November 27, 2012 1 comment

This year’s PASS Summit Microsoft announced lot of new features coming up for “SQL Server 2012” and version vNext.

1. Released SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 1: with bug fixes and lot of improvements, like Selective XML Indexes & enhancements in Self-Service BI & Excel 2013.


2. Column Store Indexes: will be extended to be created with Clustered Indexes as well.


3. Hekaton & Polybase: will be major ingredients in SQL Server vNext by 2014-15.


4. SQL Server version Next: will use Hekaton for its OLTP database to take database objects into in-memory and “memory optimize” tables, thus challenging SAP-Hana and Oracle much hyped Exadata soluition.


5. SQL Server 2012 PDW: (Parallel Data Warehouse) will be using Polybase to interact between PDW and Hadoop clusters.


… I’ll be discussing more about these things in next posts, so keep tuned!!!