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Microsoft’s upcoming USCMO Webcasts | Digital Events

January 16, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments

Microsoft announced their new and improved USCMO webcast programs!

The USCMO (U.S. Central Marketing Organization) team manages and optimizes programs through the customer lifecycle in order to drive business results of conversion, pipeline, and managed costs.

Each webcast will stream live with interactive Q&A and will be made available on demand.

–> Please check the webcasts below you might be interested to register:

Webcast Title Webcast Date Registration URL
Protect Your Business Against Online Fraud 1/20/2015 http://aka.ms/protectblog
Social in the Enterprise 1/21/2015 http://aka.ms/enterpriseblog
Windows Server 2003 Migration: Hardware Modernization 1/22/2015 http://aka.ms/WS03blog
It’s a New Year, Be Ready to Adapt 1/22/2015 http://aka.ms/adaptblog
HIPAA Compliant Cloud Solutions with Microsoft BAA 1/23/2015 http://aka.ms/BAAblog
Announcing the Enterprise Cloud Suite 1/26/2015 http://aka.ms/suiteblog
Get a fresh start in 2015 with new Windows devices 1/28/2015 http://aka.ms/windeviceblog
Need fast AND affordable? Why not try SQL Server? 1/29/2015 http://aka.ms/SQLserverblog
Mobile Productivity in the Modern Workplace 2/4/2015 http://aka.ms/mobileblog
Windows Server 2003: Most Common Application Migration Concerns 2/5/2015 http://aka.ms/commonblog
Enabling Customer Insights Using Business Analytics 2/12/2015 http://aka.ms/customerblog
Windows Server 2003: Security Risk and Remediation 2/18/2015 http://aka.ms/remeblog
The Connected Workforce 2/18/2015 http://aka.ms/connectedblog
Fine Tune Your Supply Chain with Better Insight 2/19/2015 http://aka.ms/fineblog

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