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Table to store MS Word docs, only be accessible via SQL Queries – MSDN TSQL forum

–> Question:

In Microsoft SQL Server 2012 database, I want to create a table to store Microsoft Word documents.

Documents must only be accessible via Transact-SQL queries.

How to do this?


–> My Answer:

As you are in SQL Server 2012 you can try using Filetables, a new feature introduced with this version. Check how to implement this in my blog post.

This features gives you an abstraction layer to store your files in File System but cannot directly navigate to the files. You will have to use SSMS to open the folders to view, add, or update the files.

Do check this link also on how to setup & do a Full Text Search on those Documents stored in the File System, link.

–> Another Answer by Eric:

Create a file C:\test.docx in the Server where SQL Server is hosted.

name VARCHAR(99),
extension VARCHAR(99),
content IMAGE

--insert the word document into table
SELECT 'test', 'docx', BULKCOLUMN 


Ref Link.

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