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How to import/store photos with file name and other properties into SQL Server table – MSDN TSQL forum

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–> Question:

I was tasked to load several thousand of photos into the SQL Server. Those photos are saved in a specific folder. I want to store the file name in one column and the photo in another column. It would take month for me to enter one by one.

Is there a way to loop through a given folder and add the file name and photo into the tables using TSQL?

–> Answer:

If you are on SQL Server 2012 and ahead, you can use FileTables feature, which is built on top of FileStream and very easy to implement.

FileTable feature does not store files (or images in your case) in SQL Database, but in a secure Windows File-System location which is only visible via SSMS.

Check my blog post on FileTables:

After implementing FileTables feature you just need to copy-paste all these images or any kind of file on this folder and you are done.

The retrieval of data is very easy and you get all the properties stored in the metadata files.

Ref link.