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Polybase error in SQL Server 2016 : Row size exceeds the defined Maximum DMS row size, larger than the limit of [32768 bytes]

June 9, 2016 Leave a comment

I got an email form one of my reader regarding issues while working with SQL Server 2016 and Polybase, and it is as follows:

I am able to successfully install SQL with Polybase and able to query data in Azure storage but for a table I am getting error.

I am trying to pull data by creating External Data Source connection in SQL enabled Polybase features. I am getting below error as:

Cannot execute the query “Remote Query” against OLE DB provider “SQLNCLI11” for linked server “(null)”. 107093;Row size exceeds the defined Maximum DMS row size: [40174 bytes] is larger than the limit of [32768 bytes]


With the error description its quiet evident that the External tables does not support row size more than 32768 bytes. But still I take a look online and found in Azure Documentation that this is a limitation right now with Polybase. The Azure document mentions:

Wide rows support is not supported yet, “If you are using Polybase to load your tables, define your tables so that the maximum possible row size, including the full length of variable length columns, does not exceed 32,767 bytes. While you can define a row with variable length data that can exceed this figure, and load rows with BCP, you will not be be able to use Polybase to load this data quite yet. Polybase support for wide rows will be added soon. Also, try to limit the size of your variable length columns for even better throughput for running queries.”