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Limitations of SQL Server Express Edition

June 7, 2015 Leave a comment

SQL Server Express version is a free SQL Server database system that you can Download, Distribute and use for Development, Training & Study purpose. This Express version is targeted for Small scale Applications/Companies, Students, etc.

This Express version provides almost all major features of the full, paid version of the SQL Server, but is limited to the Database Engine itself.

–> Here are some of its Limitations:

1. Max size of a DataBase is set to 10 GB (but you can create multiple databases)

2. No SQL Agent

3. Single CPU utilization (can have multi cores)

4. Max 1 GB RAM allocation

5. Max 16 number of instances per server

6. MS BI features are not available for designing DW/BI workloads (SSIS/AS/RS)

Video: Download SQL Server Express version

You can also directly download the Express bits from here:

– SQL Server 2014 Express and Tools (DB Engine with SSMS): x64 | x86

– SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS only) 2014: x64 | x86

– SQL Server 2014 Express and Tools with Advanced Services: x64 | x86