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SQL Server 2017 RTM, download, and cool “New Features” !!!

November 16, 2017 1 comment

On 2nd October 2017 Microsoft released the full & final General Available (GA) version of SQL Server 2017.

As announced earlier with the first CTP release, the new SQL Server 2017 will run both on Windows & Linux. Not only Linux, but it will be supported on Docker, and macOS (via Docker) too.

–> Downloads:

– SQL Server 2017 RTM bits: To download the SQL Server 2017 RTM you can Register and Download the Full version or Free evaluation version (180 days).

– SSMS 17.x bits: download here

– Reporting Services (SSRS) 2017 bits: Starting SQL Server 2017 is no longer bundled with the ISO or CAB files, and will need to be installed separately: download here

–> Check version and SQL build:

select @@version

Microsoft SQL Server 2017 (RTM) – 14.0.1000.169 (X64)
Aug 22 2017 17:04:49
Copyright (C) 2017 Microsoft Corporation
Enterprise Evaluation Edition (64-bit) on Windows 10 Enterprise 10.0 (Build 16299: ) (Hypervisor)


–> Here are few few “Top Features” added in SQL Server 2017:

1. SQL Server on Linux: Now run SQL Server on all platforms, Windows, Linux, Mac, docker.

2. New Graph Database: for modeling many-to-many relationships.

3. Resumable online index rebuild: Resumes an online index rebuild operation from where it stopped after a failure or a pause.

4. Adaptive query processing: feature optimizes strategies to your application workload in runtime condition.

5. IDENTITY_CACHE option: to avoid gaps in identity values in case of server restarts or failover.

6. SQL Server Machine Learning Services: which added Python support, with existing R language.

7. SSIS “Scale Out” and HA (High Availability): execute SSIS packages across multiple servers.


–> For a full list of various features already rolled out with previous CTP versions, please check my previous posts below:

– All new features added in SQL Server 2016 SP1, [link].

– New features added in:

   – SQL Server 2017 CTP 1.x.

   – SQL Server 2017 CTP 2.x.

   – SQL Server 2017 RC1

–> Videos on SQL Server 2017

Download & Install SQL Server 2017 & SSMS on Windows

Install SQL Server on Linux

–> References:

>> SQL Server 2017 official Page

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