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Getting started with SQL Server 2014 | Download and Install Free (Express) or Full version

May 19, 2015 9 comments

How to download SQL Server?

What are the available options and versions?

Isn’t there any Free version to play with, learn and practice SQL?

I get emails regarding these question many a times from my readers, sometime from my friends and old colleagues too. So I thought to collate all this information into this single post so that people won’t have to search here and there on internet and finally end up nowhere or to any junk sites.

Currently the latest version of SQL Server from Microsoft is SQL Server 2014 released last year on 1st April 2014, and its first Service Pack (SP1) was released just few days back (15th May 2015). You have following options to choose from:

1. SQL Server Full version contains the Database Engine with whole BI suit and is a paid version and you have to buy license key from your MSDN Subscriptions. It is also available for free download for evaluation of 180 days, but post that you have to buy a license key.

2. SQL Server Express is a Free version that can be used by anyone, like students, small setups and companies, etc. It is a lite version which contains the Database Engine with some limitations like: max size of a DataBase is set to 10GB (but you can create multiple databases), no SQL Agent, single CPU utilization & max 1 GB RAM allocation. I think this is a good package and configuration you are getting it for free. And a best option for students and for beginners in SQL if they want to learn and practice SQL Querying without investing anything.

–> Check this video on how to download SQL Server with above two options:

You can also directly download the Express bits from here:

– SQL Server 2014 Express and Tools (DB Engine with SSMS): x64 | x86

– SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS only) 2014: x64 | x86

– SQL Server 2014 Express and Tools with Advanced Services: x64 | x86

… with the Advanced Services option you get extra tools like Fulltext Search and Reporting Services.

After downloading the bits from Microsoft site you are now ready to install SQL Server.

–> Check this video on how to install SQL Server (its very easy, but just in case):

–> After install completes you can download the sample database AdventureWorks2014 for SQL Server 2014 from CodePlex and restore the Backup (.BAK) file to SQL Server, click on the image below: