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CTP-2 released for SQL Server 2014 | and I’ve installed it !

October 16, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Much awaited Community Test Preview 2 (CTP-2) for SQL Server 2014 is released and you can Download it from [here].

Check out the Release Notes [here]. This lists some limitations, issues and workarounds for them.

–> As mentioned in my [previous post] for CTP-1:

– You cannot upgrade your existing installation of CTP-1 to CTP-2.

– and similar to CTP-1 restrictions you cannot install CTP-2 with pre-existing versions of SQL Server, SSDT and Visual Studio.

Sp, this should also be a clean install to be used only for learning and POCs, and should not be used on Production Environments. Installation is very simple and similar to CTP-1 and latest SQL Server previous versions.

–> What’s new with CTP-2:

1. Can create Range Indexes for Ordered Scans (along with Hash Indexes in CTP-1).

2. Configure the In-memory usage limit to provide performance and stability for the traditional disk-based workloads.

3. Memory Optimization Advisor wizard added to SSMS for converting disk-based Tables to In-memory (Hekaton) Tables, by identifying Incompatible Data Types, Identity Columns, Constraints, Partitioning, Replications, etc.

4. Similar to above a “Naive Compilation Advisor” wizard for converting Stored Procedures to Natively Compiled SPs, by identifying Incompatible SQL statements, like: SET Options, UDFs, CTE, UNION, DISTINCT, One-part names, IN Clause, Subquery, TVFs, GOTO, ERROR_NUMBER, INSERT EXEC, OBJECT_ID, CASE, SELECT INTO, @@rowcount, QUOTENAME, EXECUTE, PRINT, EXISTS, MERGE, etc.

5. and many more enhancements with Always On like: allowing to view XEvents in UTC time, triggering XEvents when replicas change synchronization state, and recording the last time and transaction LSN committed when a replica goes to resolving state, new wizard to greatly simplify adding a replica on Azure.

Enough for now, let me go back and work with CTP-2, wait for more updates !!!

  1. October 17, 2013 at 11:45 am

    Although it is mentioned in the Release Notes that Side-by-Side installation of SQL Server 2012 & SSDT with SQL Server 2014 is not supported, but when I tried to install SQL 2014 on existing SQL 2012 it got installed.

    But, the link also says that it is not recommended by Microsoft, as it may lead to unexpected behavior of existing SQL 2012 & SSDT.

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