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SQL Server 2016 CTP 3.2 update is here | download now

December 18, 2015 3 comments

Microsoft (on 17-Dec-2015) announced the CTP 3.2 update of the recently and initially released Community Technology Preview (CTP) 2.x & 3.0 versions of SQL Server 2016.

[Register and Download the CTP 3.2 Evaluation version (180 days) here]

–> Direct download link (~2.6 GB):

– Download the single ISO: SQLServer2016CTP3.2-x64-ENU.iso

– Or download both EXE & BOX files:
– – Box file
– – EXE file SQLServer2016-x64-ENU.exe

–> Check version and SQL build:

select @@version

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (CTP3.2) – 13.0.900.73 (X64) Dec 10 2015 18:49:31 Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation Enterprise Evaluation Edition (64-bit) on Windows 10 Enterprise 6.3 (Build 10240: )

–> This release has major enhancements on Reporting Services (SSRS):

1. A new Reporting Services web portal is available, with an updated, modern, portal which incorporates KPIs, Mobile Reports and Paginated Reports.

2. Support for Mobile reports which is based on Datazen technology, optimized for mobile devices and form factors and provide an optimal experience for users accessing BI reports on mobile devices.

3. Design mobile reports using SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher.

4. For more enhancements check [the SSRS Blog].

–> Few more enhancements in other areas:

1. SQL Server Managed Backup to Microsoft Azure uses the new block blob storage for backup files instead of page blobs. Block blobs have a size limitation of 200GB per blob, whereas page blobs have a size limitation per blob of 1 TB.

2. JSON support now includes the WITHOUT_ARRAY_WRAPPER option, to remove the square brackets that surround the JSON output of the FOR JSON clause by default.

3. With Stretch Database you can specify a predicate to select rows to archive from a table that contains both historical and current data, by using the ALTER TABLE statement.
– You can also unmigrate the data that Stretch Database has migrated to Azure.
– You can now use a federated service account for SQL Server to communicate with the remote Azure SQL Database server when certain conditions are true, by using ALTER DATABASE statement.

4. Analysis Services (SSAS), new functionality for Tabular models at the 1200 compatibility level, including the first wave of JSON scripting in SSMS, DirectQuery, Calculated Tables in SSDT, and other smaller enhancements that add up to a better model design experience.

5. Integration Services (SSIS), enhancements include HDFS-to-HDFS copy support, as well as Hadoop connectivity improvements, including ARVO file format support and Kerberos authentication support.

I’ve covered very few and important points here, you can check all the updates here in [SQL Server blog for CTP 3.2] with details.

For all these new features released in SQL Server 2016, check my blog posts here.

So, download the Preview today and start playing with the new features and plan your DB migration/upgrade.


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