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Microsoft released SQL Server 2017 CTP 2.0 – new features, enhancements & what’s new for Linux

April 19, 2017 3 comments

Today on 19th April 2017 Microsoft released the CTP 2.0 version of SQL Server 2017.

As announced earlier with the first CTP release, the new SQL Server 2017 will run both on Windows & Linux. Not only Linux, but it will be supported on Docker, and macOS (via Docker) too.

–> Download SQL Server 2017 bits:

To download the SQL Server 2017 you can Register and Download the Full version or Free evaluation version (180 days).

Or, directly download the ISO (~1.7 GB): SQLServerVnextCTP2.0-x64-ENU.iso

–> Check version and SQL build:

select @@version

Microsoft SQL Server vNext (CTP2.0) – 14.0.500.272 (X64)
Apr 13 2017 11:44:40
Copyright (C) 2017 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Enterprise Evaluation Edition (64-bit) on Windows 10 Enterprise 10.0 (Build 14393: ) (Hypervisor)


–> New Features & Enhancements:

1. Support for Graph Data to model many-to-many relationship, with Nodes and Edges Table types.

2. Resumable online index rebuild, allows you to resume an online index rebuild operation from where it stopped after a failure. You can also Pause and later Resume an Online index rebuild operation.

3. IDENTITY_CACHE option for ALTER DATABASE SCOPED CONFIGURATION, to avoid gaps in the values of identity columns in case a server restarts unexpectedly or fails over to a secondary server.

4. Batch Mode Adaptive Join to improve plan quality.

5. Interleaved Execution for multi-statement T-SQL TVFs to improve plan quality.

6. Adaptive Query Processing, for automatically running database queries efficiently.

7. SQL Server Machine Learning Services (till now, SQL Server R Services), added support for the Python language with existing ‘R’.

8. Run the Python language in-database to scale and accelerate machine learning, predictive analytics and data science scripts

9. And for SQL Server with Linux:
    – Additional SQL Server Agent capabilities
    – Listener for Always On availability groups

… I’ll discuss about all these features in my coming posts.

–> Feature Selection Page:


–> You can check other features released in CTP 1.x here.

–> References:

>> SQL Server 2017 official Page

>> MSDN Blog announcement

>> Docs for SQL Server 2017


SQL Trivia – Return every Nth row from Table or a result set

April 3, 2017 2 comments

So few days back I got a ping from one of my reader, he was asked one question in a SQL Interview and he had a hard time to answer that:

How do you return every Nth row from Table or a result set?

He told he knew how to get top 2nd or top Nth record from a table, but was not able to come up with the logic for this problem.

I told him this can be done easily done by using Modulus “%” (percentage) operator.

–> Below is the simple logic by using Modulus logic to get consecutive 5th position in the below record-set. Below every row with “0” value (highlighted yellow) is the 5th consecutive position:

select BusinessEntityID % 5 AS [5thPosition], * 
from [Person].[Person]


–> And by simply moving the above Modulus logic to the WHERE clause will give to filtered rows:

select * 
from [Person].[Person]
where BusinessEntityID % 5 = 0

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